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Our Services:
Customer Experience Improvement

Differentiating your customers’ experience throughout their journey, personalizing their experience and building brand loyalty creating a strong value proposition to keep your customers coming back is critical to sustained success.

Customer Experience Improvement
Approach to developing solutions

CE3 Solutions excels in situations where there is a burning platform or an external compelling need for revolutionary changes in capability and execution. Our experienced advisors are seasoned veterans of driving transformations across organizations. They are steeped in best practices, effective innovation and continuous improvement techniques. They are also great teachers and mentors of the approaches they advocate. We believe the best transformations simultaneously solve four goals.

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    Customer experience

    Great relative experience leads to loyalty which includes reduced customer retention, higher client share of wallet and more recommendations to others. Customer feedback may be a combination of relationship brand perceptions and perceptions at the time of each interaction in the customer’s journey. The negative side of feedback, especially with social media capability, is that bad experiences get spread fast to other current and potential customers.

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    Operations and Service Delivery

    Service delivery must be competitive and sufficient to allow attractive pricing versus the perceived value in the eyes of a customer. Often a big cost to a client is the Cost of Poor Quality which includes rework, problem correction and related customer service costs. Many of these overlap with what customers see as a bad experience or interaction.

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    Engaged employees drive insights and improvements, convey empathy and advocacy to their customers, stay in their jobs longer and are more productive. Their satisfaction and engagement leads to improved operating margins, more loyal customers, and a net lower cost per transaction.

Our Services:
Employee Engagement Improvement

Employee engagement is a differentiator in our competitive world. Engaged employees are more productive, more empathetic with customers and co-workers, better teammates, less likely to leave, more helpful in problem solving and sharing insights to improve business results.

Getting to a high degree of engagement requires many sub-processes to be working well: talent selection, training and development, career development, front line leadership, compensation, benefits, reward, recognition, and goal congruence. Employees must have a connection with their employer’s values, mission and actions, brand pride, a sense of fairness with work rules, and an open communication environment.

Great engagement is not a coincidence, but is driven by a purposeful and comprehensive culture creation, and the reinforcement of desired behaviors. Excellent customer experience and minimizing risk cannot be fully realized without high levels of employee engagement and satisfaction.

Employee Engagement Improvement
Approach to identify opportunities

CE3 Solutions listens carefully to the client’s description of the presenting problem. We seek to get a comprehensive view of a client’s culture from a combination of employee feedback results, subsequent action planning and implementations, focus groups discussions, and work place observations. We evaluate whether a firm has comprehensive key processes that lead to highly engaged employees.

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    Performance management processes and metrics are critical for employees to feel they can be successful in their role. Areas of understanding and focus include:

    • Contribution to corporate vision, mission and objectives
    • Enabling tools and technology
    • Measurement and reporting
    • Empowerment – can they do the right thing for peers and customers
    • Reward and recognition
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    Engaged employees stay in their jobs longer and are more productive. Areas of understanding and focus include:

    • Talent Strategy (success profiles)
    • Coaching
    • Communication and feedback loops, voice of the employee
    • Supervisor engagement and leadership
    • Social Media presence
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    Training & Development

    Structured onboarding process through career progression are critical for engaged employees. Areas of understanding and focus include:

    • Onboarding programs
    • Identified career paths
    • Customized development plans
    • Supervisor engagement
    • Personalized coaching plans
    • Opportunities to drive innovation

Our Services:
Risk Assessment, Control and Management

When risks occur, organizations always have to ask the question: “Is the level of risk tolerable or acceptable, does it require remediation? How will my reputation be impacted?” By understanding and managing risk, organizations will have greater certainty and confidence for shareholders, employees, customers and suppliers, and for the communities in which they operate.

At it's core, risk management is about:

  1. Identifying threats to the operation of an organization's business and strategic objectives, and
  2. Reducing and monitoring those threats so that they remain at or below agreed tolerance levels
  3. Risk assessments are used to analyze threats in terms of consequences and their probabilities, before the organization decides how to treat risks.
  • Avoid - exit the activity
  • Reduce - take action to reduce impact/likelihood/both
  • Share - transfer, insure, hedge
  • Accept - no action taken
Risk Assessment, Control and Management
The RiskQueue Methodology

The RiskQueue methodology simplifies and formalizes the continuous risk management process to identify and evaluate operational risks:

• In daily delivery processes

• In projects and initiatives

• For specifically scoped “special assessments” on an “as needed” basis

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    Provides a means for building a continuous assessment cycle including a structured approach for tracking and evaluating the progress of risk mitigation activities.

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    Provides a standard set of data points that can be consolidated for aggregation and comparisons of risk.

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    Provides the ability to view, compile and report risk data across entities.

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    See it for yourself

Risk Assessment, Control and Management
AML/KYC Regulatory Risk Management

An ever-growing area of Risk Management that has become critical for many organizations, both large and small, is the management and adherence to regulatory Know Your Customer and Anti Money Laundering requirements. CE3 Solutions Risk Assessment framework, methodology and process are well equipped to help organizations identify what their regulatory requirement needs are, and how to effectively manage them in an ongoing basis. We can help you focus on the following critical components of KYC and prioritizing the impacts of each to your orgaization:

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    Having a clear understanding of what regulatory requirements (FINCEN) you need to comply with on a Federal, State, Local and Industry level related to Customer Data gathering and transaction monitoring.

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    A defined Customer Identification Process focused on client type risk factors (High, Medium, Low) and what client behavior determines risk factor definition and drives changes to risk type.

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    Identify specific information and data needed at a client type level (Individual, Business, Estate/Trusts, Government Entities, Not For Profit, OFAC, Senior Political Figures, etc.) and how often data needs to be refreshed.

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    Develop tools and documented processes to update what data is needed from customers through various contact channels.

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    Develop a Customer Due Diligence and Governance model and process to ensure constant review and documentation of risk factors in an ever changing business and regulatory environment (evaluation of internal and external factors).

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    Quickly address risk related concerns impacting employees, customers and stakeholders through changes in process, technology, training and education as needed.

Our Services:
Operations and Service Optimization

CE3 Solutions helps their clients to improve their capabilities to deliver a differentiated brand promise, as cost effectively as necessary and with repeatable excellence service.

Operations and Service have different definitions in various organizations. CE3 Solutions considers the broadest definition to include all of the components that must be successfully executed to create high customer satisfaction with the firm's product or service.

There are generally two categories of improvement:

  • Change driven by innovation and technology
  • Change driven by continuous improvement and traditional finance driven cost pressure

CE3 Solutions is adept at both.

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Operations and Service Optimization
CE3 Solutions Approach

Solution recommendations are woven into a transformational roadmap.

Support is available for upgrading a client's change management disciplines to ensure speed, order, success and sustainability.

Our Services:
Human Resources

The responsibilities and importance of human resources has never been more important to an organization, regardless of its size and scope.

  • Policy and procedures
  • Organizational Culture Review and Alignment
  • Leadership values and capabilities
  • Onboarding, development and accelerators
  • Employee relations and conflict management
  • Employee wellness

Human Resources
Management Services

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    Customized executive on-boarding
    and mentoring

    Clients often promote or hire new leaders who may be missing some key attribute(s) that keeps them from being the perfect ready-now candidate.

    The missing attribute may be functional or technical expertise in their new area of responsibility. Another challenge that may exist is that the business challenges have a time urgency that will not allow a new leader to assimilate and build needed relationships with peers and subordinates while creating a plan that stops the bleeding, and quickly regains the business stability and performance levels needed.

    CE3 Solutions has the expertise and proven track record to help that new executive succeed and accelerate their impact on the business. We do this by working with the new executive and her hiring manager to understand the current situations and gaps, and then we customize an approach.

    We are acceleration agents and mentors for a client’s new leaders- giving them the maximum opportunity to succeed in their challenging new role.

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    Interim chief operations officer
    or head of customer care

    Termination in a key role without a ready successor puts a strain on human resources and present business continuity challenges. While the recruiting process can take 3+ months to find the right candidate, the organization cannot afford to be without a strong leader to either keep the predecessor's momentum going, or to begin the process of stabilization, recovery and transformation that would be expected of a new leader who is not yet onboard.

    CE3 Solutions offers proven leaders who are adept at stepping into new situations, learning quickly, gaining trust, and doing the right thing without a personal agenda. Their skills at stabilization, operations excellence and transformation allows the organization to make needed progress while searching for the ideal candidate. We reduce operational risk for employees, customers, shareholders and regulators during the transition.

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