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Businesses worldwide spend more than US$300 billion annually on contact center services. The market is huge and growing and is expected to hold its own despite the current economic weakness. Scope of activity varies considerably among different segments of the contact services industry, so it can be misleading to make overall generalizations. For example, in-house contact center operations are often challenged with dated technology platforms, declining budgets, deferred technology investments and a management emphasis on cost containment.

Historically, many U.S., companies have realized run rate cost savings by just outsourcing contact center operations to onshore locations. Today the trend is developing a comprehensive service delivery strategy that maximizes all service delivery channels and capabilities based on customer preferences and a balance of effectiveness and efficiency.

Changing and Increasing Customer Demands

Customers want the flexibility to engage through

  • the phone
  • e-mail
  • online
  • self-service models
  • social media
  • and other emerging methods

These customer demands put pressure on organizations to integrate and support multiple channels. This can becomes particularly challenging for some companies when dated systems and tools are not able to provide a single customer view of data across channels, making the delivery of customer self-service access to account information practically impossible.

Insourcing?      Co-Sourcing?      Outsourcing?

  • Onshore
  • Offshore
  • Nearshore
  • Homeshore
  • Reshore

What Type is Best For You?

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A comprehensive, unbiased and integrated assessment by our industry experts will determine what type of Sourcing option is right for you. We will design the right strategy to support your business challenges. We will help you navigate through the complexities of the process and be with you from decision through implementation and execution.

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