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Sustainable Success and The CE3 Matrix

Some Key Areas of Focus

  • Customer Contact
  • Leadership
  • Process & Efficiency
  • Customer Advocacy
  • Solutions-based Selling
  • Product Opportunity Awareness
  • Increasing Revenue
  • Cost Containment
  • Productivity Enhancement
  • Benchmarking against competitors as well as best-in-breed service providers in other industries
  • Integrating channels in order to deliver consistent experience and drive satisfaction
  • Reduction of costs while improving customer service
  • Establishment of learning and feedback loops
  • Incentives and metrics to improve employee readiness and engagement

CE3 starts with an assessment of where a business is, where it wants to go, as well as what assets it currently possesses versus those it will need to successfully make the journey. The main areas of focus are customers, employees, shareholders and organizational capabilities.

  1. Customer loyalty does not happen by accident, it is the result of getting the interaction right the first time and each time. What will it take to improve it, build the brand and create a strong value proposition?
  2. Employees are among a business's most important assets. How best to engage them so they represent internal interests while at the same time functioning as better champions for the customers they ultimately serve?
  3. Simultaneously spurring revenue growth and improving operating efficiency is not easy. What tactics, strategies and implementations will increase shareholder value?
  4. Sustainable success requires the expansion and management of organizational capabilities. How does a business increase yield while also mitigating business risk?

When the assessment is finalized a transformational road map---that includes both quick-hit tactics and longer-term strategies-will be submitted before the process segues to the planning, training, execution, and support phases.

Once complete, the knowledge-transfer and operational sustainability standards are rolled out.

CE3 Matrix

CE3 is equipped to provide full strategy assessment and implementation as well as more targeted solutions designed for a specific business challenge or challenges.


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