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Operations and Service Optimization


CE3 Solutions Includes:

  • Sales and Enrollment
  • Fulfillment
  • Logistics Support
  • Customer Service
  • Technology
That together create the entire customer experience!

Recommendations May Include:

  • Standardization across regions
  • Process Optimization
  • Creating and Empowering High Performance Cultures
  • Identification of Cost-of-Poor-Quality rework factories
  • Optimization of site strategies
  • Improvement of business continuity planning and reaction
  • Identify missing or unnecessary KPIs
  • Design the organization structure to perform at a high level of execution excellence
Solution recommendations are woven into a transformational roadmap.

Support is available for upgrading a client's change management disciplines
to ensure speed, order, success and sustainability.

CE3 Solutions helps their clients to improve their capabilities to deliver a differentiated brand promise, as cost effectively as necessary and with repeatable excellence service.

Operations and Service have different definitions in various organizations. CE3 Solutions considers the broadest definition to include all of the components that must be successfully executed to create high customer satisfaction with the firm's product or service.

There are generally two categories of improvement-

  • revolutionary change driven by innovation and technology,
  • and a more evolutionary change driven by continuous improvement and traditional finance driven cost pressure.
CE3 Solutions is adept at both.

CE3 Solutions Approach

  • Review existing financial data and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Analyze current and historical financial statements and key cost factors
  • Review profitability by product or service, and by customer or customer segment
  • Review the current Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats Assessment
  • Comparative the client versus its top 3 competitors
  • Review the current product and service offering
  • Analyze the current Voice of the Customer reports
  • Breakdown the overall process into customer-oriented, end-to-end sub-processes.
    • Each will have a fact-based cost, service, and operating risk review.
    • Depending on other factors, focusing resources on these key sub-processes may be necessary
  • Look at the current demand forecasting process
  • Identify gaps in:
    • training
    • tools
    • empowerment
    • technology speed or access that creates idle time
    • the need to escalate
  • Understand current HR and employee relations issues- especially those related to cost and service improvement
  • Review the current organizational design and capabilities
  • Review the current routine operational disciplines.
  • Identify inconsistencies between what a client says are its policies and practices, and what a client actually can do and does.

CE3 Solutions Can Help Create the Platform Needed to Stimulate Radical Improvements.
CE3's Advisors Excel in Advising on Complex and Urgent Situations!

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