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CE3 Solutions is a multi-faceted organization and partnership that works with executives charged with taking the necessary steps in order to grow their company and its business, while also mitigating risk. This includes strategy, sales, finance, marketing, operations and more.

Each of the partners at CE3 offer over 30 years of executive experience and specializes in providing the tools and core competencies - as well as implementation- to those companies looking to go to the next level in their particular industries and markets.

John Quinn

Chief Executive Officer and Partner

A global oriented executive with extensive experience in customer service and sales, operations, process and logistics for Fortune 100 firms. His avid and passionate interest in helping companies in the process of sustainable transformation is well known to both colleagues and clients.

Three keys to doing a job and doing it well: innovate, empower and serve.

John Quinn

Edward Hawthorne

Chief Operating Officer and Partner

This recipient of a US patent for operational risk strategy is a seasoned operations executive with experience in developing and executing global outsourcing, technology and operational risk strategies, as well as supplier strategies plus chat/email and phone interfaces.

Three keys to doing a job and doing it well: courage, candor and common sense.

Edward Hawthorne

Inder Koul

Emerging Fin-Tech Products and Services

An industry veteran with extensive experience in business transformation, technology fueled innovation and legacy optimization. Most recently focused on integration of emerging technology and services startups into business transformation of legacy organizations.

Three keys to doing a job and doing it well: transparency, execution and partnerships.

Iner Koul

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