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Customer Experience Methodology

  1. Listen Carefully
  2. Preform a Comprehensive Assessment of the Situation
  3. First: Voice of the Customer (VOC):
    • What problems do your customers' experience?
    • Assess what are the top Moments Of Truth?
  4. The Second: Voice of the Employee (VOE):
    • What do front line employees tell us?
  5. Third: Assess Voice of the Process (VOP):
    • What do the internal process metrics tell us?
    • Are the right things being measured?

Typical Recommendations Could Include:

  • Identify intersections between VOC Hotspots and the Moments of Truth.
  • Ensure customers are aligned with the right services and products.
  • Identify service or product specifications that are either inappropriate to customer needs, confusing or incomplete.
  • Identify ease-of-use gaps.
  • Reduce problems of all kinds.
  • Improve problem resolution.
  • Proactively solve problems and inform customers.
  • Turn problem resolution into solution-selling.
  • Create a robust VOC process.
  • Incorporate emotional connections into all touch points -- Acknowledgement, Respect, Trust

CE3's Customer Experience

Measuring Customer Experience

Depending on the service or product, measuring Customer Experience can range from simple to very complex...

  • What is the client's brand designed to promise its customers?
    Is it meaningful for the customer?
  • How does it compare to the competition?
  • Is the brand promise something that is tangible?
  • How does a customer feel when it is being delivered?
  • What are the quantitative and qualitative characteristics that customers want, and is that the same or different from the client's goals?
  • Can the experience be measured directly or indirectly?
  • How does the client's management want to position their service or product?

CE3 Solutions Uniqueness

CE3 Solutions is fluent in many options (Net Promoter Score, Lean Six-Sigma, Total Quality Management and Hybrids). Our experienced advisors are very seasoned veterans of driving transformations across large organizations. We understand the science, leadership, and practical nature of successfully mobilizing broad organizations to succeed. We are steeped in best practices and effective innovation and continuous improvement techniques. CE3 advisors are also great teachers and mentors of the approaches they advocate. This is why CE3 Solutions excels in situations where there is a crisis, a burning platform, or an external compelling need for revolutionary changes in capability and execution.

Our approach to Customer Experience is comprehensive. The best transformations simultaneously solve four goals:

  1. Customer Experience
  2. Cost of Operations and Service Delivery
  3. Employee Engagement
  4. Operational Risk

CE3 Solutions Approach Solves All 4 Goals Simultaneously,
in a Comprehensive Approach
Which Leads to More Sustainable Solutions!

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